Reduced Cost Spay/Neuter Program
It is very important to spay/neuter your pets. Not only does this help control the pet population, it helps keep your companion healthy. Four million cats and dogs (about 1 every 8 seconds) are euthanized each year in the United States. You can help lower this number by spaying/neutering your animals.

Paws Animal Rescue offers reduced cost spay/neuter certificates. There are no income restrictions, however you must:
- Be a resident of Hughes or Stanley County, and
- Have proof that your pet's vaccinations are current per SD law.

This is a cost share program that is funded by community support and grants. The cost share amount is determined by the cost for the service. The limit is two certificates per household per year.

If you would like to apply for a certificate, have questions, or would like to make a donation, please leave a message at 223-2287 and a program volunteer will contact you.

In 2010, the shelter distributed 53 certificates; 15 cat spays, 14 cat nueters, 14 dog spays, and 10 dog neuters.